Minute, thin, bashful, nervous hands, sometimes concealed as if she wouldn’t like to reveal the secrets of her know how.

Lively, intense eyes, which can brighten or darken according to her feelings and emotions, as to mirror the real values she believes in. Paola Ravasio is a true artist. Her works are deeply connected to her soul, they are not tricks made up to amuse the audience, they are made to astonish it.

Sculture Studio, courtesy foto Mario Chiodetti

Extremely powerful sculptures composed of white and velvety matter, as plaster or fiberglass, struck the audience filling it with a magnetic attraction.

The artistic message by Paola Ravasio is clear: she narrates our nature, revealing the struggle for life and the wish for realization cultivated within our souls.

Her constant research for Vital Energy, results into an unlimited source of motivation and resolution which transforms her sculptures into a message of real hope: “Man has all the resources he needs to overcome difficulties, and he must rely on this asset to fight and win his personal battle”.STRENGHT. The key word which turns into LIFE able to defeat NON LIFE. The anthropomorphous figures by Paola Ravasio are enlivened by pure energy, opposed to the obtuse geometry of a cold, rational, ataraxic matter. They are embryonic human beings who will to born within freedom.

Daniela Croci Silvuni
Paola Ravasio Paola Ravasio, courtesy foto Marco Valenti

Paola Ravasio’s energy doesn’t manifest exclusively through the unsustainable comparison between her petite figure and the strength of her works: sketches, drawings, plaster models, bronze objects and earthenware. It becomes counter-attraction to that kind of contemporary art which is consciously tired and slowly approaching ineluctable end.

The bodies by Paola Ravasio bubble with strength and tension, they are figures which interweave and kink, looking for each other, absorbing one another, creating mass through a vigorous, muscular metamorphosis which turns them into plenums which fill all available vacuums, first of all the ones of hesitation and fear. Something original and primordial, as legendary as the Argonauts, hides within this energy which constantly revitalizes itself, deeply recalling classical forms, such as the Laocoon of the Rhodes School.

They also seem to own a Beethovenian spirit, embodying on the one hand the determination of withstanding fate and, on the other hand, the irrepressible will of reacting and fighting it back, since the worst humiliation would be suffering defeat.

Dalmazio Ambrosioni